Atlantic Daze-

Atlantic Daze

Legendary Session’s Atlantic Daze. Darren Muschett Extreme Sports Videos with some of the best Puerto Rican’s, east coasters and 1 lone Aussie surfer getting radical in the tropical nirvana.

Mega Wipe Out Reel-

Mega Wipe Out Reel

Pain of Being Porcella – Wipe out Reel. Niccolo and Francisco Porcella charge it, and when you charge, sometimes shit happens. Bad shit. In the lip at Teahupoo, eatin by lip at Jaws, over the falls at Puerto, crus...

Ain’t No Wave Pool-

Ain’t No Wave Pool

Ain’t No Wave Pool – Mick Fanning on The Search by Rip Curl surf extreme sports videos – What if I told you there was an unknown sand-bottom right that is five kilometres long, breaks 20 metres off the be...

Stratton Surf Trip Reel-

Stratton Surf Trip Reel

Layne Stratton 2017 Reel From Layne Stratton extree sports videos -Filmed on Red Epic on location in , portugal, caribbean, puerto rico, south africa, morocco, israel, indonesia and australia.